The Bellin Cancer Team specializes in the treatment of cancer in its Green Bay facilities.
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Introducing Molecular Profile Testing

Life-Saving, Next Generation Cancer Treatment

What if the very tumor growing inside your body held the secret of how best to fight it? It’s possible.

So that a patient with breast cancer could avoid unnecessary chemotherapy. So that a patient with lung cancer didn’t go down the wrong path of treatment. So that a patient with cancer who is running out of options may find a new option. Molecular Profile Testing uses cells taken through a biopsy of your tumor to identify the specifics of the tumor—and then compares it with similar tumors and the preferred ways of treating that type of tumor.

Who is a candidate for Molecular Profile Testing?

Discuss molecular profile testing with your oncologist if you have recently been diagnosed with any type of cancer or your cancer has not responded to chemotherapy.

Welcome to Genetic Counseling

Sometimes a medical condition is the result of a genetic change. Unlocking this genetic information can help you better understand the risk factors present in your family, which can go a long way toward improving wellness, prevention and even treatment.

The Cancer Team is committed to comprehensive cancer care, which is why we include genetic counselors as part of your care team. Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who focus on genetics and its effects on many different medical conditions.

By understanding your personal and family genetic medical history, more informed decisions can be made in screening, testing and treatment selection. To learn more about genetic counseling, call 920 435-8326.

Hereditary Cancer Quiz

Does cancer run in your family? We invite you to take the following quiz. It can help to identify if you're at high risk of a hereditary cancer syndrome. If you choose, your response will be shared with our Genetic Counselor, Nicole Matilla.

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Many Types of Cancer. One Team.

The following are among the more common forms of cancer, and most are curable when detected and treated early. Contact us if you need to learn more about a type of cancer not listed below.

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